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Dirk Hooper started out as a writer and illustrator in the 90s, and published several comics including the Rain King Studios group. After returning to college and majoring in media arts and film production he began a career as a photographer. As an artist and photographer he has had work in galleries and museums in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and accross the United States. He has won multiple awards for writing.

Explain your role in the fetish / BDSM community …

I’ve been in the BDSM community since the mid-90s. Since that time I’ve been both dominant and submissive… more submissive earlier on, and more dominant lately.
What I’ve discovered after many years of doing this is that it’s exceptionally difficult for a submissive man to find a dominant woman for a romantic relationship. The numbers are just not favorable as a submissive man. So, since I want a romantic relationship with my partner, and the dating pool is much more favorable to finding a submissive woman, I’ve had much more success there.
About 15 years ago I began to mentor in the lifestyle, and I’ve written educational articles for nearly every kinky source out there. Lately I’ve been writing regularly for the BDSM Training Academy and ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

What is your biggest professional achievement so far?

Besides just creating a large volume of work that I’m proud of, I won Best Fetish Photographer at the Fetish Awards, three years in a row.

You are multi-talented, photography art writing … what is your main focus for the coming year and why ?

My main focus over the next year, and over the next 20 years, will be writing and art.

I wrote a successful book several years ago under the pen name Asher Lake titled “Dominatrix Boss.” I’m writing the sequel to that right now and I have multiple other books coming from that shared universe. It’s my long-term plan to build a career writing in that world.

Additionally, I’ve achieved a certain level of notoriety and skill with my art recently, and I’m going to start focusing on creating two comics (both art and writing).

One is a steampunk/fantasy/horror/western story for general audiences.

The second, which I announced this week, will be an erotic kinky comic titled “Twisted.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your platform at Patreon?

Sure! That’s very much a part of my current plan. I’m going to be offering my hottest artwork through my Patreon account at KinkInk.art. Also, I’m writing an erotic book, chapter by chapter there.

Finally, I’ll be doing the “Twisted” comic there, sharing the pages as I finish, showing behind-the-scenes stuff, and asking for input about how the story is going for subscribers. There’s already a year or so of adult content on there and I’m updating frequently.

You sell some amazing items on Redbubble.com do you ship worldwide?

Thank you! I started selling my fetish art and other stuff on there several years ago. What’s great about Redbubble is that I can set my cut for the items and then they take care of the rest. 

There’s not a lot of artwork like mine available on there, so my kinky stuff stands out!

Yes! They ship worldwide, and people have been really complimentary about the quality they get. T-shirts with my kinky art are a best-seller there.

How do you decide what custom work to take on ? And how can people apply to commission you?

I’ve been doing art commissions, usually portrait work, since 2018, I’ve had a lot of fun doing the work over the years and I’ve done hundreds of pieces for clients.

I take most requests for commissions. The only ones I turn down are those that want me to draw someone in a compromising position (unless they are on board), or if the subject matter is too extreme, or just against my own beliefs. 

I do enjoy being challenged with wild projects though!

You can learn more and reach me for commissioned artwork at: https://www.dirkhooper.com/commission-original-kink-and-fetish-artwork-by-dirk-hooper/

Do you have a favourite piece of art … I know this is a hard one !

My favorite piece of art is whatever I’m creating next. It changes constantly. I just hit a major goal milestone lately with a piece of art, and three days later I did another piece that challenged me from another direction. I’m really far more interested in what other people think about my work. That’s what’s most interesting to me.

Do you have a muse?

I do not have a muse, but I wish I did! I regularly draw and collaborate with romantic partners.

Tell us more about ask Dirk …

I’ve been answering questions and doing one-on-one relationship consultation for 20 years now. Ask Dirk is my idea to answer people’s kinky relationship questions. I’ll launch as soon as I get a few anonymous questions from people.

We need more … drop your links here ….

My Main Site: https://www.dirkhooper.com/

My Patreon Account: https://www.patreon.com/DirkHooper

My Redbubble Store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/DirkHooper/shop

And I’m almost everyone online @DirkHooper

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