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Darkside magazine is a well established printed and digital fetish mag aimed at the bdsm community. Published monthly each issue contains quality photography, sexy articles and much much more.

Tell us a little about your publication

Darkside Magazine is a monthly digital publication aimed at fetish and BDSM lovers. Each issue includes articles, interviews and photo features with all kinds of people from the ‘kink’ world, including Mistresses, Masters, models, writers, artists…and much more. We also include a Q+A in each issue and there’s always lots of helpful advice, whether you are a newbie or have been involved in kink for years.

How can people subscribe?

People can subscribe via our website darksidemagazine.com and from there you can follow the link to either subscribe to a year’s worth of Darkside or opt for single issues or even a hard copy version for those who prefer traditional print. 

Which front covers have you been loved most and why?

Oh that’s a tough one, we have so many covers that I’ve loved! Issue 24 was very popular as a cover, as it was the first one that featured a Domme and her sub, in this case, Goddess Taylor Knight and her Pro-Sub Adara Jordin, who are very well known internationally on the scene. But we always try to go for visually striking front covers; after all, the cover is the ‘shop window’ for any magazine, so it’s important that we have something awesome on the front.

Do you offer advertisements?

Yes, we do offer advertisements. We’ve never gone for really expensive charges for advertising as in today’s marketplace few people can afford big advertising costs. We currently run half-page ads at £49 for the year and full-page ads at £95 for the year. Now and then we also offer quarter-page ads at just £25 for the year. Design is free for those who need it, plus on our digital editions the ads are clickable and have direct links to the advertisers’ website or socials.

Is Darkside sold internationally?

Yes, Darkside is sold all over the world and our content reflects that. So, we have interviews and features with those in the kink scene regardless of where they are. Our biggest markets are the US, UK and Germany. We currently have around 9,000 readers.

How long has Darkside been running?

Darkside started in 2015. My background has been in publishing and at the time I was looking for a new magazine to launch. A friend of mine suggested a kink mag. I researched it, checked out the other publications and thought it would be worth a try! Here we are in 2023 and it’s been very successful. Over the years I have pulled together a team of people who help provide the content and help put the magazine together. Some of the team are based in the UK, others in the US, so it really is an international collaboration!

What is your favourite Darkside feature? I love the Sissy exposure pieces

I’m pleased you like the ‘Exposed!’ features! They are relatively new and came about because sissies and subs wanted to be exposed in the magazine. That’s been fun, but I have to say that my favourite pieces are the interviews with Dommes. There are many of them now, and they all have different views of the kink scene and have different ways of doing things. I particularly love it when the magazine helps a Mistress who has not long started out to get a bigger following – and therefore more clients.

Who would you love to interview / feature but haven’t yet and why?

I’d love to interview a celebrity who has a kink or fetish, but I doubt they’d want to make that public knowledge! Although it’s been a while since the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing came out, I’d still like to interview the author, EL James. We did try to interview her a few years back but her management said she wasn’t doing interviews at the time. I’d just love to pick her brains as to why she started her novels and gain her reaction to those who criticise the books for being so vastly inaccurate and not very representative of the real kink world. I mean, the books weren’t that well written but they did spark an interest in kink and helped make the subject less taboo, which is always a good thing.

What is the best part of being part of the fetish / kink community?

The best part about being part of the fetish/kink community is the sense of us all ‘belonging’ together, and everyone I have met have really been the nicest of people. Through doing Darkside Magazine I have met so many different people from all walks of life, and they are so supportive, not just of the magazine, but of everyone in the kink community. It’s very refreshing.






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