Ella interviews Vivienne L’Amour

Describe your role in the industry 

I am a mentor for the 13 other mistresses that work from Celestial Studios under my model management program, I am an events organiser, a real-time session Mistress, online slave trainer and elaborate fetish content producer, and have been for over a decade. I am 30 years old. 

What has been your biggest achievement in your career to date? 

Mistress Sidonia Von Bork, Doyenne of the English Mansion designed and wrote me a beautiful card detailing how she has enjoyed my journey within BDSM (we are dear friends) and that she believes I am the premier session mistress in the UK, and possibly further afield.

I have built an designed an amazing studio.

I have created an entire BDSM & swing community and hub in Derbyshire, who visit my workshops & events.

I have created a wonderful opportunity for many people to live their fantasies and to become supremely confidence and financially free through my mentoring. 

As the owner of one of the best fetish studios around, Celestial studios in Derby what is your favourite room? And what do you have planned next for the place? 

The Medieval Square is the most unique and atmospheric, I love the pit and the gibbet. 

My favourite room very much depends on my mood and desires for my slave in session. I love the endless opportunity for suspension that I can cater for.

I am in the process of designing another studio in Nottingham, and adding a padded cell (such as the one from The Green Mile film) to the downstairs repertoire of Celestial.  

You are the Director of your own events company can we hear more about this … 

My events are the naughtiest in the UK, and possibly even Europe with the closing of many of Berlin’s filthiest venues.

They are mixture of kink and swing. There are no annoying rules surrounding penetration, heavy play, extreme BDSM or FemDom High Protocol etiquette. Everyone is free to be their wildest selves, completely unabashed. It’s a totally unique set up with crazy performances, amazing outfits, a stunning and welcoming crowd of truly naughty and free people of all genders and interests. I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful patrons and friends in my life. 

Do you have a muse or inspiration, who are they and why? 

Yes, I have several. They all fulfil different needs for me, from masochism to service. 

You provide various educational workshops and events .. what do these entail and what advice would you give to anyone new to the industry ? 

Come to my workshops! I offer whipping, rope and also an Elite Dominance weekend workshop with the online GENIUS and pegging/latex expert Mistress Angelina, where we cover essentials for real-time sessions, advertising and safety, and how to make it online in a very competitive world. 

Are you attending any events this year ? Which …

I am heading to Wasteland in July, in Amsterdam with Nikky French, Miss Anastaxia and Ebony Goddess Nyx, with our wonderful slave Waffle. 

I occasionally attend Edinburgh TG. 

Many events have been ruined for me by my own, as I can be much freer and kinkier than any others I have attended.

The Burning Man is on my bucket list, as is Montreal and Vancouver Fetish Weekends. I love Canada! 

What advice would you give to any submissive looking to approach you to serve? 

Be brave, be polite and allow me to make the decisions and assess your likes and limits. It’s highly likely that I will have a different style to anyone else you have met, so allow me to use your body and responses as my research. I am too long in the industry and too assured of my desires to work from a check list these days. 

What are your personal fetishes / kinks 

Ooh, that would be telling, but they would shock you. 😉

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