Male Chastity a balanced approach

So we all love a caged cock let’s face it. But the majority of the time those approaching me looking to progress with long term Chasity are unaware of the possible medical risks in relation to prostate health.

So let’s talk about that fabulous little cum button …The prostates main function is to produce fluid for ejaculate. For this reason it is important to consider how long term chastity effects this amazing little organ. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly research on this subject is still limited.

So what are the potential risks if you don’t cum? In 2003 ( a study found that ejaculation at a frequency of at least once weekly saw a lower incidence of moderate to severe symptoms of enlarged prostate, prostatitis and uti. The more often ejaculation occurred the less likely symptoms were to appear.

Furthermore this 2017 study ( looked at the risk of developing prostate cancer the outcome of this study suggested that regular ejaculation was associated with a reduction of cancer risk including high grade and advanced cases. Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer: Updated Results with an Additional Decade of Follow-up – PubMed ( In fact men who ejaculated 21 per month compared to those who only did so 7 times monthly saw a reduction in prevalence by 31 percent.

The exact reason behind the protective effects of squirting your dirt on prostate health is still unclear. It could be down to orgasm removing cancer-causing materials, infection, and inflammation-causing compounds from the prostate.

My background in medicine of course always makes me consider the health risks of any bdsm / fetish activity I provide… ultimately the risks of celibacy are limited but for me it is important that chastity is entered into with a full understanding from my subs… and I would normally advise weekly relief to keep that squirt trigger healthy. I can always ensure you don’t get any pleasure from your release after all.

I hope to cage many more cocks but let’s play safe and consensually.

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