Stan Stan …no escape plan

This tiny little maggot belongs to s, he is one of my most loyal fans … as you can see his ‘cock’ (or nub really) is caged which is the way I like it so he gets extra points for this and I have to say I am enjoying the colour of this chastity device … he is more or less impotent as he only ever gets hard while thinking about me … his cock rate today is 8/10 the cage is perfect he is clean and shaven, and getting shrunk down nicely

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Ella interviews, shiny latex Alan

What is your role in the bdsm fetish scene ? Filming Slave & content creator  Do you recall your first ever latex experience ? My first piece of latex was

Ella interviews Miss Smoky

What is your role in the industry? I am Professional Dominatrix How did you become a professional Dominant? I started the scene about 7 years ago, coming up to 8

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