Pathetic penny

Penny has been my chased little fur and foot slut for many years … I am so powerful that I don’t need a cage to control cocks .. as you can see he is tiny and for the majority I
Of the time limp… he can only pleasure his poor wife with his tongue 👅 and she has now taken a strong hard lover … I rate his cock a 9/10 as it is almost entirely my creation

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Ella interviews, shiny latex Alan

What is your role in the bdsm fetish scene ? Filming Slave & content creator  Do you recall your first ever latex experience ? My

Ella interviews Miss Smoky

What is your role in the industry? I am Professional Dominatrix How did you become a professional Dominant? I started the scene about 7 years

Ella interviews, Madam Malevolent

This lady is a northern belle, a funny skilled and entertaining pro Domme with a lovely voice and the best hair … she is a