Solitary to sisterhood

So here we are, I know it’s a cliche but if you had told me 12 months ago that I would be where I am right now I would never have believed you. My main catalyst for progression as been my career long supporter and my dearest companion, my collared slave chuie. chuie you are my strongest crutch my family my constant and my unbreakable servant.

So.. after ten years of domination in my own little bubble and really no online presence I stepped out, I strode out and I’m now strutting out… and about. I had been talking about content creation for such a long time never had the confidence/ drive/ excitement needed to do it., so I decided I had to take a leap from the edge…

I started by reaching out to some amazing fellow Dommes who I had admired via Twitter for various reasons.. the first solid connection I made was with my darling Goddess Aveena @Crawltoaveena, the Welsh firecracker a lady who captives the whole room.. someone as strong as iron and one of the kindest funniest humans I have ever met, I think it’s fair to say she is my kink sister and a true fast friend who has made this part of my journey so much easier and infinitely more exciting and enjoyable.

My connection with the ladies I have met in these last few months showed me that there is an abundance of amazing creatures in the world of sex work .. creative supportive funny and just down right fabulous humans.

These connections led myself and Goddess Aveena to form the sisters of solidarity, a friendship group for sex workers who identify as female. This group has changed the way I feel about sex work. At the beginning of this year I felt the industry wasn’t a place to make friends that I should keep myself to myself continue on my solitary path but how wrong I was !!

Opening myself up to the wider community has seen me travel the UK start to create start my own loyal fans page and become a mentor to the most beautiful lady .. Madam Mysterious @Madammysterious3, my dear dear confidant companion and absolute sister .. my own new found perspective on sex work allowed me to open up my world to her and seeing her flourish is the single most rewarding experience so far.

I have met so many stunners this year .. I must give a mention to miss Laura coats @Misslauracoats, Mistress Paisley Black @paisleyblack_x and the delectable Lana Banana @ LanabananaNSFW who have enriched my world.

I just love love my life at the moment and can’t wait to share some of my thoughts with you all .. I don’t want to make my entries overly long and intend to share the rough and the smooth …. One final shout has to go to the intelligent charming charismatic and quietly confident Squishy @SquishySax who made filming fun and who’s company I adore.

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