So welcome to my first of many weekly blogs

Well hello, you bad boys and badass bitches this is just a test to see if my technology is working I am creating a hopefully weekly blog from my website to be posted via my Twitter it’s going to be about my day-to-day shit really maybe I’ll be entertaining I’m hoping it might, just a little insight to what’s been going on in the world of MEE.

I may well shout out to those people that I love in life, I’m going to talk about my personal life domination vanilla work the dogs of course, and a whole host of other shit ….feel free to send me your feedback I’m excited to see how this develops …

I hope you will become fans of my updates .. x

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Ella interviews…… Madame Malevolent

What is your role in the industry ? Dominatrix What are your favourite bdsm /fetish activities ? CBT, Impact play, Findom, Ball-busting, Humiliation, Degradation, Corpral Punishment, Mindfucking Who would you

Ella interviews, shiny latex Alan

What is your role in the bdsm fetish scene ? Filming Slave & content creator  Do you recall your first ever latex experience ? My first piece of latex was

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