Queen of cuck ..

Well what an exciting few weeks .. I am not going to say I’m a virgin with cuckold sessions but to be actively advertising and filming with my Bulls is just mind blowing.

I admit it, I’m a very sexual woman .. I always have been. For me sex is one of life’s wondrous Miracles. This enjoyment of sex was the thing holding me back .. I didn’t want sex to become work … but wow wow it’s up there with the best sex of my life .. my London trip was filled with the sexiest people!!!

My cuck sessions and clips are only ever done with the men and women that I sleep with in my day to day life rather than a actor style approach .. knowing we are being watched and converted makes the experience such an intense one not just for me but for everyone in the room.

Being a staunch long term singleton has freed me to explore all aspects of my sexuality and given me a freedom that the confines of having a partner to consider could not.

Cuckold has really been a very popular experience and I am very lucky to have amazing people around me wanting to explore play and adventure with me.

Hold on to your hats, the Queen of the cucks is about to take her throne.


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