Ella Interviews Hayley Hazard

Hayley Hazard is a highly successful and seriously sexy business lady, escort and pro Domme. Her iconic looks and kick ass personality have attracted so many loyal fans, subs and clients. She oozes sexuality and positivity.

What is your role in the industry?

I spent over 10 years working as pro Dom before making the switch though I do still see subs for bdsm play. At the moment I offer predominantly full service escort bookings.

How did you first get into the world of kink?

Long story short secured a place at dental school to study dentistry and took a year out to actually work in the dental industry as a dental nurse before commencing the degree. After about 6 months I changed my mind – I no longer wanted to be a dentist. I did however enjoy the business and compliance side of the industry so began helping practices convert from NHS to private and also getting them prepared for CQC compliance inspections. 

Then my love of tattoos startrd and brought me to bdsm as my tattooist at the time suggested the bdsm world as she thought I would be interested in it and it didn’t take me long to find myself a dominatrix to serve my apprenticeship under. 

After working as a pro domme for several years and speaking to clients who also saw escorts and ladies who worked as eescorts my curiosity of the sex industry took me on my next adventures. 

There was a very well known brothel in Manchester Sandy Superstars which I started working at. I really enjoyed my time there and the work environment was a very positive one. Sadly it got closed down.

From there I briefly worked for an agency before going independent as an escort. The experience from brothel and agency work 100% set me up for independent work. Like I had a mentor for the bdsm / dom World the brothel/ agency basically were my mentors in full service sex work. 

I faced stigma from some of the Pro domme world for my switch but to me it just showed their narrow mindedness. In my opinion sex work covers all ends of the spectrum from online content creators, cam girls, to in person workers dancers, doms and escorts. We all are providing a service that satisfies our clients sexual desires at the end of the day. 

You are well known for your amazing body art and individual look, what has been your most loved modification so far and why?

I’d say my favourite mods to date are my breast implants. I just wish I would of got them sooner than I did. I love having big boobs haha

Ink wise I love the blackout work I have and my throat ink. I just love the boldness of both.

You recently posted about being a Crohns Disease sufferer as someone who has Ulcerative colitis how do you keep yourself healthy? , and how does this very serious illness affect you? It’s great to see people being open about this disease, I have been very lucky and am in full remission for now….

Positive mindset but also being realistic too. I have Crohns and colitis which is a double pain in the ass but such is life. You have to make the most of the hand you are dealt in some situations. Over the 9 years to date I have tried absolutely every approach known to man, seen numerous specialists, had surgery, tried holistic treatments, switched about with diets, lifestyle choices etc. Medication has helped manage symptoms to a degree but not achieve full remission. The infusions I had at one stage helped the most but eventually they stopped being as effective and I also ended up having anaphylaxis to it. 

I also suffer from extra intestinal crohns meaning the disease affects other areas of my body. People assume its just a gut issue but it can affect some people in other ways (because it’s an autoimmune disease)like eye issues, joint pain, skin issues, bone issues. Unfortunately I suffer from all of those. 

I’d say most importantly knowing your own body is key (but it takes time) I know when I need to rest luckily. Rest is vital. 

Meditation also important- learn to manage your mindset and emotions. 

Hydration and vitamins also key as we don’t absorb these things as well as a healthy person 

Exercise – as much or as little as the body can manage  

Adventures (very important to have things to look forward to) – go travel, go explore, go live especially on the good days but also take the chance book the holiday etc and don’t fear ‘what if I’m too sick’ deal with that if and when it happens

I’m also very comfortable in knowing the reality is I will have to (most probably) live with this till I die. I sit on a research panel and new drugs are always coming out but the reality is they are not the wonder cure all drug. 

I take each day as it comes; some are good, some not so good and some bloody awful but that’s life. We ride the waves of life! 

What advice would you give to all the subs out there who are looking to apply to see you…. How should they approach ? What are your delete message triggers?

I’m very straight forward and follow a simple booking process that is on my Adultwork page and will be on my new website too (launching in the near future). Polite and precise requests are given priority. I also favour requests from gents with positive Adultwork feedback or a bank transfer deposit. 

Are there any new skills you are hoping to develop in 2023?

No plans at the moment

Who is your industry idol and why?

Rebecca More – quite simply she is an absolute legend! 

What do you have planned on the coming months ? Are you touring or attending any events?

I only tour now. I’m never in one place for long. Certain areas like London I visit often, other places less often. Basically areas where I see good clients I will always return regularly. I am looking at some overseas tours later this year. 

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

That’s a tough one. I love Cambodia for the hospitality of the people and the especially Siem Reap City and Ankor Watt complex. 

I also adore Italy and also Belgium for the food, people, scenery, and culture. 

In the UK I love London – just a cool vibe 

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