Ella Interviews BFSM Couple

They look like a rather ordinary married couple living a rather normal and dull life with kids and jobs. But thru have secrets:
Her husband is her real life slave. He is kept permanently locked in chastity and denied orgasms. They live in a 100% Female Led Relationship …. and she has turned him into her whore …. now you know!

What is your place in the sex industry ?

We kind of stumbled into it by coincidence. It all started with us making a website about our sex life many years ago. We wanted to tell the real story about a naughty couple and we also posted photos and short clips. The number of people visiting our website really took us by surprise and then someone asked us “Why are you giving it all away for free? Your content is great!”. So we started selling our clips and it went very well. I think people like watching a real couple having real fun instead of industrial porn.

The next step was sending my slave-husband to serve other women. I basically started doing it to show him who’s Boss and make him understand that he is my real life slave and personal property … a Toy I can let others use if I choose so. His first time was in September 2021 with Mistress Noir in Holland who wanted to use him on camera. And shortly after that a woman in Sweden rented him for use off camera. Since then I have been sending him to be used by other women once or twice a month; the number of women wanting to experience a real life slave is much bigger than I can cover! 3 women is renting for use off camera on a regular basis and I am doing collabs about having him for shooting content with a handful of wonderful Pro Dommes. But so many more are asking me to have him.

Just to sum it up: We make porn and my slave-husband can also be rented for use off camera.

As a Female led marriage with slave p caged, Miss M do you a lover/s?

No. I simply don’t have the urge and I enjoy his tongue as often as possible. In January he made me cum 62 times.
But if I want to have a lover at some point, I am of course free to do so. It’s 100% my decision.

How long has slave p been in chastity?

He was locked in permanently chastity on 31st December 2019. Since then he has been completely denied orgasms and is only unlocked for a thorough cleaning once a week. It takes about 10 minutes and then the cage is put back on.

What services does slave p provide ?

He provides a wide range of services for the women having him. All sorts of BDSM …. extreme anal games …. cunnilingus …. you name it.
No scat. No public exposure. No humiliation games. And nothing resulting in permanent damage or involving the risk of him getting HIV or hepatitis etc.

What advice would you give to others who are seeking to make their relationship Female led ?

A true Female Led Relationship is not for everyone. It’s extreme ….. and you both have to really want it.
Once you decide to try, take it step by step and gradually increase the areas where the woman takes power. And make it a Win-Win for the both of you!

Does Miss M ever travel with slave p when he is sent out to work ?

I don’t. Part of my kick is to send him on his own to serve; it shows him that he is completely in the power of the Ladies I send him to serve.

Did you relationship begin as Female led or was it a transition?

I had no experience with BDSM when we first me and he had plenty. He managed to make me curious and my first steps into this exciting universe was a sub. After a few years I felt confident enough to be the dominant one from time to time. But switching was complicated. We both wanted more clear roles and we both wanted permanent roles. So we decided to give a Female Led Marriage a chance. Over the years he became more and more my real life slave and here we are …

Who would you most like to send your husband off to film with next and why?

The Dommes who has him for shooting content are all extremely skilled and marvelous and they all have different styles. I can not pick a favorite amongst them.

I love slave p’s chastity cage…. Is it a custom design ?

It is. We had the idea and sent some drawings to Steelwerks in Canada to find out if they could make such a cage. And they turned our fantasy and dream into reality.
Steelwerks are expensive but probably the best in the world at making high end cages suitable for permanent wear.

Where can we find more about you both ?

Drop your links here ….
On my website I write about my marriage and our kink life: https://bdsm-couple.com/
All the full video can be found on my Clips4Sale (https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/171923/bdsm-couple) and my LoverFans (https://loverfans.com/BDSM_COUPLE)

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