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Goddess Aveena is a well know welsh fire cracker of a Domme, a great friend and inspiration of mine. A hardworking dedicated and professional Dominatrix of the highest standard, she never fails to make me smile.

You are a well known Professional Dominatrix and it’s always fun to hear how you began in the industry… what made you think hell yes I want to kick balls for a living?

I was a dancer previously. you’re taught to get them men in the dance booth within the first 5 mins of chat. It takes skill and very good chat. When my dancing days closed to and end I felt rather empty for next few weeks so I decided to take a walk with my dogs, it was that walk that would chance my life forever and Goddess Aveena was born. Long story short, I bumped into a latex clad slave. He was head to toe in stunning latex. Curiosity got the better of me, and I asked him about what he was doing. He was simply playing hide and seek with a master. I went straight home and went on to a bdsm dating site. I had no idea how I was going to do it but I told My whole family before I’d even had chance to do a session, when I want to do something, I make sure I achieve it. Met My first sub on bdsm dating, and he trained me for the first year. Not orthodox to be trained by a slave but who best to give you the knowledge than a slaves who’s living the life. Ballbusting just seems to be the kink I was the most natural with. Took me a year to spit at someone, though 😂

What has been your standout moment of the last 12 months?

Definitely, meeting up with the most amazing ladies is top. The scene can be very lonely when you’re solo. I have been so lucky to work with the best women of the industry. All have helped in ways they’ll never understand. I’m just having the support even if it’s not kink related. We finally have a proper sisterhood that’s not about stepping on each other to get where we want. We help each other out, and nobody is left to struggle.

You recently Co founded the Sisters of Solidarity can you tell us more about this ?

I had already worked with a few the best, and I could clearly see there were more “groups” that worked together rather than sisters who support. I had previously spoken to Miss Ella Eve about boobies of all things, we met up such a long time later and both found we were passionate about having a proper sisterhood, not just the words but the end goal of having a fabulous sisterhood that would keep growing and keeping it drama free and full of educational or helpful advice. We all know so much between us, but not one will know it all, so teaming up and sharing skills seemed like a great idea. We shared ideas over a period of a few weeks and began to add those Miss Ella and Myself already had either worked with or had some sort of report. Sisters were born, and what a hot bunch they are.

Who would you love to work with but haven’t had the opportunity yet?

There are quite a few. From Domina Jemma, he always loved her style. Miss Erika Von Stric, it’s the clips I’ve seen have had my in sitches. Miss Vivian loves her work always have Miss Athena. Again, I just love what I do see of her work, and I love it.

What events or tours do you have planned in the near future where are going to see you ?

Gosh, don’t I have a line up. Feb is the month I’m meeting up with a filming slave and his partner for shoot at a fabulous location near Wales. I’ve got 2 Switch Ladies I’m meeting, so I’m very excited about that, but I won’t say too much, lol. And the one I’m most excited for is may the sisters of solidarity are at celestial studios in Darby, a stunning playspace owned by Miss Vivian, we have all brought willing subjects and it will be a night of pure Femdom filth. Can’t wait!!! There are even talks about Edinburgh in October. I plan very few yet seem to always be traveling, I go when adventures call.

What are your favourite fetish / bdsm activities and why ?

I Started off very much always been in humiliation but ballbusting and cbt were the loves at first sight, I have recently become more of a lover for forcedbi which again is just amazing along side humiliation play. I’d have to say In order Humiliation Forced bi Ballbusting Cbt and cp

What advice would you give to any new to the industry Dommes?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Start solo and find yourself and what you like before working with others. I was very lucky to work with great ladies straight away, I’ve also met those who didn’t collaborate for years and established themselves. It’s great to work with others, but not all will be nice or your cup of tea. Be prepared to walk away when something isn’t helping you build as a brand. When you’re ready to meet others, show them the same respect you want them to show you. Always ask for help if you need it. You can’t wing everything, and there is no shame in asking for help or advice. A good Domme will educate and not humiliate you for wanting to be better or safer with your craft.

Where would you like to tour but haven’t been able yet?

I think I’d love to hit the USA There are Dommes and playspaces there I’d love to visit. Closer to home, I’d really like to do Ireland maybe

I love your astrology twitter posts … what do you predict for your future?

Oh, I’m sure the stars have been looking after me this past year. I want my own playspace, and I’m certain it will happen. Ask the universe, and you shall receive.

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