Ella interviews Miss Smoky

What is your role in the industry?

I am Professional Dominatrix

How did you become a professional Dominant?

I started the scene about 7 years ago, coming up to 8 years, when I attended Torture Garden in London. From that point on I started to attend many events, munches and parties as I was hooked and the more I was attending events/munches/parties the more people I was meeting, all so very interesting, helpful and knowledgeable.

Then about a year later I attended Toppers in London where I met my partner who is the one who pushed my limits. Without him I don’t think I would be what I have become. Few months later I was offered the opportunity to train as a House Domme at Toppers and I was supervised/trained for few months until I became one of the House Dommes there. A very proud moment! I was also doing a lot of sessions when attending other events. Two years ago, I naturally progressed in becoming a Professional Domme.

What are your favourite fetish / bdsm activities?

My favourites are Impact play, CBT and Smoking fetish/Human ashtray 

You are a member of the Sisters of Solidarity can you tell us a little about this please ?

One day I was contacted directly by yourself to invite me to be part of it. I was welcomed straight away by all the Sisters. The group is like a Sisterhood supporting and empowering each other and women in the community. Anything kink and vanilla can be discussed without fear of judgement and if any of us are unsure about something the Sisters will be able to give advice. We also warn each other about any dangerous or time-wasting individuals. A lot of laughter is also thrown in the mix and we are all about respect.

What has been your most memorable fetish bdsm experience so far ?

So many that it was hard to pinpoint one. However, I will always cherish all the fun and all the people I have met throughout the years attending events such as Torture Garden, Club AntiChrist, Toppers, Club Subversion, Club Imaginarium, The Boat, Club Sanctum, Club Transister, Club Decadence, Club Pedestal, The Gate, Future Party and FlameFest, as well as munches and private parties. Forgive me if I forgot any other events. Unfortunately, a lot of those events don’t exist anymore which is really sad to see. I also used co-host a small fetish/BDSM party called ‘Freaky-Friday’ with 2 other Dommes.

Are you attending any events or doing any touring in the next 12 months?

Having moved to Kent from London, it has been more difficult to attend events as I used to but I’m planning on attending Club Pedestal in March and Club O&I in Kent at some point. I would like to attend Torture Garden to celebrate my birthday during the summer as it is where it all started for me. I would love to attend AntiChrist again. I’m not sure as yet what other events I will be attending.

I might start offering sessions in Stoke-on-Trent.

Where do you normally session from ?

In Gatwick and Sutton. I used to Session in Kent but the Dungeon that I used to use has closed down.

What is the best advice I have ever been given ? And who gave it

Just be yourself, do not pretend. Be honest in what you can or cannot do. No means No, FULL STOP! Respect boundaries at all time. Try something twice before making your final decision. Be respectful. 

Those advice were given to me by different kinksters throughout my time on the scene and I always make sure that I abide by them.

What do you like to do to in your spare time?

I love listening to music, dancing, watching movies, reading, travelling and socialising. I wish I had more time to learn photography. I used to do kickboxing but unfortunately I had to stop. I also used to ride a trike but unfortunately I also had to stop.

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