The pleasure of privilege

I love my life. I work hard, I’m independent and I have the most amazing friends and family. Being a Domme I get to be peoples fantasy on a daily basis, my vanilla friends always ask me what I enjoy the most .. and it really has to be holding the power to take my […]

Femdom frenemies

Femdom can sometimes be like a soap opera with a sexier cast. The world of Twitter creates a perfect backdrop for insights into the friends ally’s and adversaries of your favourite or least favoured Mistresses. Recent scandal ensued and this is not intended to be a comment on the still fresh drama of twitters last […]

Queen of cuck ..

Well what an exciting few weeks .. I am not going to say I’m a virgin with cuckold sessions but to be actively advertising and filming with my Bulls is just mind blowing. I admit it, I’m a very sexual woman .. I always have been. For me sex is one of life’s wondrous Miracles. […]

So welcome to my first of many weekly blogs

Well hello, you bad boys and badass bitches this is just a test to see if my technology is working I am creating a hopefully weekly blog from my website to be posted via my Twitter it’s going to be about my day-to-day shit really maybe I’ll be entertaining I’m hoping it might, just a […]