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Sissy Slave Paula

Love how Mistress Ella Eve look is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met and I feel so lucky to be owned by her. So blessed she owns the key to my world.

Slave Peter
Slave Peter

If Mistress Ella Eve wishes to display slave he would only be honoured to be Mistress Ella Eve a Goddess and his Mistress, then he would be humbled and forever Your salve. Mistress Ella Eve’s voice will either make you kneel or shake, Her body of perfection to which You will only dream of being even on Her thoughts, She will destroy you then rebuild you into her own. A Mistress who will make you learn your place.

Slave Paul

Mistress Ella Eve is the most amazing Mistress, she has taken an unruly man and made him into an obedient respecting and submissive slave who will do anything for Her. Mistress rules with an iron fist and has very high standards that must be upheld or there are severe consequences for the slave. Mistress Ella Eve is the most beautiful and important person a slave has in his life once collared into Her domain.

Slave Murray

On meeting Mistress Ella Eve I did not know what to expect. Mistress Ella Eve is attractive, alluring and her persona demands respect. Mistress Ella Eve’s methods create contrasting emotions, anticipation, desire and anxiety! When naked, constrained and completely exposed, you do belong to Mistress Ella Eve! I long for more, to be taken further, She is a true dominatrix!