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The pleasure of privilege

9 October 2022

I love my life. I work hard, I’m independent and I have the most amazing friends and family.

Being a Domme I get to be peoples fantasy on a daily basis, my vanilla friends always ask me what I enjoy the most .. and it really has to be holding the power to take my submissive into their sub space .. for me domination is a highly sexual and intimate experience .. I would like to think that those who have sessions with me know that the genuinely get a true piece of me. Connection is key .. it’s like a dance, reading the room tapping into the mind ..understanding the quiet ques and gestures that lead to the mind blowing

What could be better than than feeling your sub release the need they have often had and not released for the whole of their lives ?

I’m not intending to sound boastful I just wish to describe how it feels for me to take another person to that place.

I guess I just wanted to declare how privileged my path makes me .. I have met 100s of amazing people and each day is an adventure x

Femdom frenemies

1 October 2022

Femdom can sometimes be like a soap opera with a sexier cast. The world of Twitter creates a perfect backdrop for insights into the friends ally’s and adversaries of your favourite or least favoured Mistresses. Recent scandal ensued and this is not intended to be a comment on the still fresh drama of twitters last few days .. after all it’s not my business but I would be a lair if I didn’t admit it, having been my inspiration to ponder the political landscape of female supremacy.

The amazing ladies who choose the path of gynarchy, well they are all stunning creative and human .. we are all human.

The best part of femdom for me is that you don’t need to conform to the cookie cutter version of sexy .. There are Dommes of every shape size ethnicity personally and demeanour. For me this has always made me feel comfortable In my own skin. Femdom is about so much more than looking good naked, this said I find it odd that there is so much perceived competition between the queens of confidence.

I have always known I am unusual .. I have been blessed with the ability to just be me ..That said please don’t think I am without my own self doubt, fluctuating weight and being over 40 has it challenges for sure, but I know that I command the room.

I guess the point of this little word vomit is to say hell girls the females of this world own it. Don’t worry about the girl who you think is doing better just do you. I’m not saying I don’t have my femdom family and others that just make my hair stand on end .. I dislike a few, some with good reason others just because I judge the online persona they send out. I am far from perfect I have had a few public rants when the industry sends me into melt down.

Femdom is full is the self appointed commentators and self appointed elite who feel the need to rank their peers .. they bleat about findom is not real domination, we are above escorts, I don’t do face sitting, I wont touch a cock, high protocol is superior.. well I have news .. guess what.. you are all sex workers and you are all woman .. support the sisters you know are talented .. some talent needs nurture and takes time to blossom, and yes the industry attracts many females who are not cut out for it but let’s face it not all of them fail .. be kind or be quiet or at least discreet.

Queen of cuck ..

25 September 2022

Well what an exciting few weeks .. I am not going to say I’m a virgin with cuckold sessions but to be actively advertising and filming with my Bulls is just mind blowing.

I admit it, I’m a very sexual woman .. I always have been. For me sex is one of life’s wondrous Miracles. This enjoyment of sex was the thing holding me back .. I didn’t want sex to become work … but wow wow it’s up there with the best sex of my life .. my London trip was filled with the sexiest people!!!

My cuck sessions and clips are only ever done with the men and women that I sleep with in my day to day life rather than a actor style approach .. knowing we are being watched and converted makes the experience such an intense one not just for me but for everyone in the room.

Being a staunch long term singleton has freed me to explore all aspects of my sexuality and given me a freedom that the confines of having a partner to consider could not.

Cuckold has really been a very popular experience and I am very lucky to have amazing people around me wanting to explore play and adventure with me.

Hold on to your hats, the Queen of the cucks is about to take her throne.


Solitary to sisterhood

19 September 2022

So here we are, I know it’s a cliche but if you had told me 12 months ago that I would be where I am right now I would never have believed you. My main catalyst for progression as been my career long supporter and my dearest companion, my collared slave chuie. chuie you are my strongest crutch my family my constant and my unbreakable servant.

So.. after ten years of domination in my own little bubble and really no online presence I stepped out, I strode out and I’m now strutting out… and about. I had been talking about content creation for such a long time never had the confidence/ drive/ excitement needed to do it., so I decided I had to take a leap from the edge…

I started by reaching out to some amazing fellow Dommes who I had admired via Twitter for various reasons.. the first solid connection I made was with my darling Goddess Aveena @Crawltoaveena, the Welsh firecracker a lady who captives the whole room.. someone as strong as iron and one of the kindest funniest humans I have ever met, I think it’s fair to say she is my kink sister and a true fast friend who has made this part of my journey so much easier and infinitely more exciting and enjoyable.

My connection with the ladies I have met in these last few months showed me that there is an abundance of amazing creatures in the world of sex work .. creative supportive funny and just down right fabulous humans.

These connections led myself and Goddess Aveena to form the sisters of solidarity, a friendship group for sex workers who identify as female. This group has changed the way I feel about sex work. At the beginning of this year I felt the industry wasn’t a place to make friends that I should keep myself to myself continue on my solitary path but how wrong I was !!

Opening myself up to the wider community has seen me travel the UK start to create start my own loyal fans page and become a mentor to the most beautiful lady .. Madam Mysterious @Madammysterious3, my dear dear confidant companion and absolute sister .. my own new found perspective on sex work allowed me to open up my world to her and seeing her flourish is the single most rewarding experience so far.

I have met so many stunners this year .. I must give a mention to miss Laura coats @Misslauracoats, Mistress Paisley Black @paisleyblack_x and the delectable Lana Banana @ LanabananaNSFW who have enriched my world.

I just love love my life at the moment and can’t wait to share some of my thoughts with you all .. I don’t want to make my entries overly long and intend to share the rough and the smooth …. One final shout has to go to the intelligent charming charismatic and quietly confident Squishy @SquishySax who made filming fun and who’s company I adore.

So welcome to my first of many weekly blogs

18 September 2022

Well hello, you bad boys and badass bitches this is just a test to see if my technology is working I am creating a hopefully weekly blog from my website to be posted via my Twitter it’s going to be about my day-to-day shit really maybe I’ll be entertaining I’m hoping it might, just a little insight to what’s been going on in the world of MEE.

I may well shout out to those people that I love in life, I’m going to talk about my personal life domination vanilla work the dogs of course, and a whole host of other shit ….feel free to send me your feedback I’m excited to see how this develops …

I hope you will become fans of my updates .. x