I love my life. I work hard, I’m independent and I have the most amazing friends and family.

Being a Domme I get to be peoples fantasy on a daily basis, my vanilla friends always ask me what I enjoy the most .. and it really has to be holding the power to take my submissive into their sub space .. for me domination is a highly sexual and intimate experience .. I would like to think that those who have sessions with me know that the genuinely get a true piece of me. Connection is key .. it’s like a dance, reading the room tapping into the mind ..understanding the quiet ques and gestures that lead to the mind blowing

What could be better than than feeling your sub release the need they have often had and not released for the whole of their lives ?

I’m not intending to sound boastful I just wish to describe how it feels for me to take another person to that place.

I guess I just wanted to declare how privileged my path makes me .. I have met 100s of amazing people and each day is an adventure x